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Montag, 28. Oktober 2013, 00:00 Uhr

Whitey - Waves Of Fear (Lou Reed Cover)

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Nach dem Tod von Lou Reed gab es einen richtigen "R.I.P.-Storm". Der Londoner Whitey gedenkt der Rocklegende auf seine Weise und covert "Waves Of Fear".
Seit Bekanntwerden der Nachricht ist nichtmal ein Tag vergangen, und schon veröffentlichte Whitey sein Cover von Lou Reeds "Waves Of Fear". Auf seiner Bandcamp-Seite schreibt er dazu Folgendes:
Tonight, Lou Reed died.
He is one of the few musicians that consistently mattered to me over the years, a giant overlooking the birth of glam, punk, psychedelia and modern rock n roll. I'm currently in a borrowed apartment looking out to sea the British coast, outside the 'storm of the century' is battering the building, the windows are shaking with the pressure of the wind. Nature is howling. I couldn't sleep in this chaos, and decided to do a cover.Four intense hours, and two bottles of wine later, its 3:45am and here it is. For me this has always been a neglected classic- I know those moments he is talking about, those twisted rooms. So will many of you out there. His song captures the bleak horror of those hours outside of time.The song ends with the actual sound of the storm battering the windows of the apartment, recorded live.I've set this track to be a free download- but if you choose to donate, I will forward any monies to a charity relevant to his death. At 4:00am as I write this, his cause of death is not clear- but his recent liver transplant speaks volumes. I guess those reckless years caught up and carried him away.
R.I.P Mr Reed.
Und für euch gibt es das Whitey-Cover als Download. Für genauso viel Geld, wie ihr zahlen möchtet.

Bildquelle: Whitey | Bandcamp