Montag, 25. November 2013, 00:00 Uhr

Kommen und Gehen: Radical Face

Was willst du hier?

Die Stadt verändert sich mit den Menschen, die kommen und den Menschen, die gehen. In Kooperation mit stellen wir jede Woche Künstlern, die nach München kommen, ein paar Fragen zur Stadt. Diese Woche mit: Radical Face.

Where do you come from and what are you usually doing there?
I come from Jacksonville, Florida. And when I am not working on music, I like to lift heavy weights, to swim, to play computer games, and just spend time with people I care for. Preferably on a back porch, with a good drink and a quiet night.

What are you looking for in Munich?
I like to travel with an open mind, and just see whatever a place chooses to show me. I have no preferences.

What have you brought us?
I have brought a bunch of my friends who are helping me on this tour, my sad little songs, and my pocket notebook of scribbled thoughts. The rest is just necessities. I pack light.

Which person in Munich would you like to meet?
My friends Abby and Albert now live in Munich. I am exited to see them again. It has been too long.

What are you going to do after the concert?
After nearly every show, I like to go wherever I am going to sleep, put on nightclothes, eat something, and just read, or talk, or be quiet. But this show will be different, as I will get to see my friends after. I will go wherever they choose.

Which clichee about Munich do you like best?
I am not familiar with any clichés, so I guess I can't really say.

What comes into your mind when you think of Munich?
The last time I visited, it was snowing and very charming. I have a specific memory of sitting on the edge of my bed, looking out the window, watching snow collect on the roof across the way while a man played guitar on street below, despite the weather. It is what I think of when I remember Munich.

How could Munich make you stay?
It would have to import all my family and friends, I think. I choose where I am based on good people more than anything else. And I have a lot of good people around me. I am happy where I am. But I like to visit, too.

How do you want to be remembered in Munich?
In no particular way. I always try to just be myself, and if someone bothers to remember that, then at least they remember something true.

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Radical Face tritt am Montag, den 25. November im Backstage in München auf. 

Was sonst noch in München und in den anderen Städten am Wochenende los ist, 
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