Dienstag, 26. August 2014, 00:00 Uhr

Kommen und Gehen: Highasakite

Was wollt ihr hier?

Die Stadt verändert sich mit den Menschen, die kommen und den Menschen, die gehen. In Kooperation mit stellen wir jede Woche Künstlern, die nach München kommen, ein paar Fragen zur Stadt. Diese Woche mit: Highasakite.

Where do you come from and what are you usually doing there?
We come from Cologne. We’re never there except when playing shows!

What are you looking for (in Munich)?
Really good food and beer. We like to eat good and healthy, so hopefully there isn’t just meat in Munich!

What have you brought us?
Some really nice music!

Which person in Munich would you like to meet?
We don’t know anyone in Munich, so if you have a recommendation for us, please give it!

What are you going to do after the concert?
Hopefully have a really nice and local beer!

Which clichee about Munich do you like best?
The beer-drinking tuba clichee. And the Octoberfest!

What comes into your mind when you think of Munich?
Tuba, Octoberfest, mountains

How could Munich make you stay?
Just by being warm and welcoming, and by having great restaurants!

How do you want to be remembered in Munich?
By being that Norwegian band everyone never stops talking about!

Die Rubrik "Kommen & Gehen" in Kooperation mit erscheint jeden Donnerstag auf der jetzt-München-Seite in der Süddeutschen Zeitung.

Highasakite treten am Mittwoch, den 03. September im Münchner Ampere auf. 

Was sonst noch in München und in den anderen Städten am Wochenende los ist, 
seht ihr in unseren Veranstaltungstipps.