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Freitag, 02. Juni 2017, 00:00 Uhr


Playlist und Sendung zum Nachhören (KW22-2017)


HumaNature & Critical Event  -  nobody knows

Howl n Moan - lost    

Al Pack RMX Nemy & Hermetik  -  our souls

Soul Intent - cry for you

Changing Faces  -  talk to you

Satl, Malaky and Steo   -  a minute after always

The Vanguard Project  -  love u tonite

Beta 2 & Eva  -   manufacturism

Nemy & Hermetik -  whisper

Semitone & Brain  -   data transmission

ALB  -  fluid

Wings  -  unconditional

Elias -  Kaizen

Ownglow- Glo Mello Flo

Halogenix/Solah- Flames

Hugh Hardie- reflections

Mystical Sound-She's gone

Eastcolors- Vostok

Ownglow x Dilemma- Mercy me

Break- in the clouds

Eastcolors- Boxing

Enei/DRS- The Process

Sustance- Rugged

Mage- fading Away

DRS/LSB- Angels Fall

Markus Intalex feat S.P.Y- celestial navigation