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Freitag, 29. September 2017, 00:00 Uhr


Playlist und Sendung zum Nachhören (KW39-2017)

Alyxynder - memories of you Pola & Bryson RMX
DLR - pyob
A-Sides - believe in who you are
Command Strange - never too much
Marvel Cinema - grey gardens
Benny L & Shimon - monster
The Vanguard Project - milestone
A-Sides - take my time
Flaco - dia de muertos
Whiney - moondance
Aperio/Subdivision- Discoveries
Rafau Etamski- Feel me
DJ Ransome/Synth Force- Urban Force
Emery/Dreazz- Starlove
Lameduza/Nelver- Your Spell
Scott Allen- Soul Complex
Break- We are the People
Survey- Get It
Voltage- Sticky Vicky
Ed:It/Lady Soul- Wander away
Robert Miles- Children
Blake/Pola & Bryson/S.P.Y- Temporary Love- (S.P.Y. remix)
Royalston- We were told feat Amy Kisnorbo