Kommen und Gehen: Chvrches

Kommen und Gehen: Chvrches

Die Stadt verändert sich mit den Menschen, die kommen und den Menschen, die gehen. In Kooperation mit jetzt.de stellen wir jede Woche Künstlern, die nach München kommen, ein paar Fragen zur Stadt. Diese Woche mit: Chvrches.

Where do you come from and what are you usually doing there?
I am from Glasgow and I am usually to be found in a dark basement music studio on the South Side of Glasgow, prodding endlessly at synthesizers and drum machines.

What are you looking for (in Munich)?
We are looking to make a good first impression in your fine city. It will be the first time that we have toured in Germany so we are unsure what to expect, but are hopeful that the people of Munich will be nice to us and enjoy the music.

What have you brought us?
We have brought a collection of songs from our upcoming album which will be out later in the year. We will play these songs using analog synthesizers, guitars, bass, samplers and our vocal chords.

Which person in Munich would you like to meet?
Two of my favourite film directors were born in Munich. Werner Herzog and Michael Haneke. Of the two, I would most like to meet Herzog. He seems to be the more personable of the two. I really could listen to him talk about anything and I would be enrapt. He has a wonderful manner and fascinating and enlightening world view.

What are you going to do after the concert?
Perhaps drink some fine local beer in one of your illustrious watering-holes. That will probably happen whether the show goes well or badly.

Which clichee about Munich do you like best?
I am not much of a football fan but I am partial to sausages and beer...and lederhosen.

What comes into your mind when you think of Munich?
A taxi driver that I met once called Wolf.

How could Munich make you stay?
Munich is a beautiful city and the people have always been friendly and enthusiastic in my experience playing there in the past with other bands. I suppose I would need to improve my German language skills before I considered moving there.

How do you want to be remembered in Munich?
I would like people to be uplifted by the music, and to wake up a few days later with one of our songs buzzing annoyingly around their head.

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Chvrches werden am Sonntag, den 12. Mai, bei der INTROducing Tour im Ampere in München auftreten.

Was sonst noch in München und in den anderen Städten am Wochenende los ist,
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HIER haben Chvrches und MS MR ein kleines Geschenk für euch.

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