Kommen und Gehen: Moullinex

Kommen und Gehen: Moullinex

Die Stadt verändert sich mit den Menschen, die kommen und den Menschen, die gehen. In Kooperation mit jetzt.de stellen wir jede Woche Künstlern, die nach München kommen, ein paar Fragen zur Stadt. Diese Woche mit: Moullinex

Where do you come from and what are you usually doing there?

I'm from Lisbon. I usually come here to play records, meet friends and hang out, work with the European Southern Observatory in Garching.

What are you looking for in Munich?
Sun, most of the time. The city really comes alive in summertime!

What have you brought us?
Music you can't help but dance to. Well, I hope!

Which person in Munich would you like to meet?
Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder when they were hanging around in the 70s.

What are you going to do after the concert?
Stick around for a few days and go to the mountains with friends.

Which clichee about Munich do you like best?
The biergarten culture. You guys have so little sunshine that you've really learned to enjoy it the most.

What comes into your mind when you think of Munich?
Four great years in my life, that have profoundly affected me in many many ways. In many ways, the place where I became an adult.

How could Munich make you stay?
Most times I come I stick around a bit more than what's necessary.
And when I'm old enough I'll definitely contemplate retirement here.

How do you want to be remembered in Munich?
As a great friend and decent musician.

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Moullinex wird am Samstag, den 30. März, im Studio Schwarz in München auftreten.

Was sonst noch in München und in den anderen Städten am Wochenende los ist,
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