Kommen und Gehen: Simina Grigoriu

Kommen und Gehen: Simina Grigoriu

Die Stadt verändert sich mit den Menschen, die kommen und den Menschen, die gehen. In Kooperation mit jetzt.de stellen wir jede Woche Künstlern, die nach München kommen, ein paar Fragen zur Stadt. Diese Woche mit: Simina Grigoriu

Where do You come from and what are you usually doing there?
I was born in Romania, moved to Toronto when I was three years old, and have been living in Berlin since 2008. I love all three cities and feel at home in each one.

What are you looking for in Munich?
I love Munich! I love to play here and I was also recently here for a soccer game. I’m looking to play are the best little underground clubs because I know there is a great Techno scene here in Bayern

What have You brought us?
Lots of great music!

Which person in Munich would You like to meet?
Hmm… somebody from FC Bayern I think.. I watch them with my husband quite a lot and have become attached to this team.

Which cliché about Munich do You like best?
They say that everyone in Bayern is on time. It’s true and I love this about this part of Germany. Everything is about pragmatism.

What comes into Your mind when You think of Munich?
A central hub of technology, art, architecture and history. It’s quite a unique city and one of my personal favorites. One of my best experiences was playing at Königsplatz last year with Paul and Pan-Pot. What a historical place.

How could Munich make You stay?
We would love to have a little house in Munich later on in life! We love Munich and visit quite often. The clean air, peaceful atmosphere and the sheer beauty all around.

How do You want to be remembered in Munich?
I would like to be remembered for my music, as always (smile)

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Simina Grigoriu wird am Samstag, den 23. März, im Harry Klein in München auftreten.

Was sonst noch in München und in den anderen Städten am Wochenende los ist,
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Bildquelle: Facebook/ Simina Grigoriu

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